Yep, icon packs will work with any Android device. Our app is compatible with all Android phones above version 4.0.

Chances are you're a-ok with your Android version but, if you want to find out which Android version you're on, see "How can I find out what version of Android my device has?". It's very easy. :-)

This varies depending on the launcher. (See "What is a launcher?") Our app allows you to apply many different launchers straight from the dashboard. If you select a launcher from the app that you don't have installed, the app will automatically take you to the play store to install it. Then you will be able to apply the icons to it from the app. You can also apply the icons through your favorite launcher.

Some of this is confusing if you're not familiar with the term "launcher" and what that is. So, please take a look at the "What Is a Launcher" article, and browse through that a bit. It's not actually that complicated, but opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your mobile device.


Our icon packs have icons for most popular apps. We are updating and adding new icons all the time. The specific number of icons varies per pack. If you are missing an icon, you can use the request feature within the app to let us know what app you would like us to add. Icon packs are not designed to theme every single icon on your devices. They are designed to allow you to make a beautiful home screen.

We understand the question, of course. But, really, to get a feel for the exciting changes you can accomplish on your phone, give one of our packs a try. We think you'll be pretty thrilled with the results.

An icon pack is an app for your device. There is nothing special needed to install the icon pack itself. To use the icons though, you do need a "launcher" that supports icon packs. (See our "What Is a Launcher?" article for info, but basically a launcher is your phone's main interface.) This typically means using a 3rd party launcher. For some reason most phone manufacturers don't allow the use of icon packs on their launchers or come up with their own proprietary system for making and applying icon packs that is inferior to the standard used by our icon packs. We recommend using Nova launcher for the best experience. In general, you can achieve any look using this launcher that you are fond of. It may take a little bit of research and practice to get it how you like. But that is the fun of customization.


Great question. Some people are reluctant to try out an icon pack because they're worried that, if they install one and all of their icons change, what would happen if they decided to go back to how the phone was before. Well, not to worry. You can try out icon packs all you like and, if you later decide that you'd like to go back to the factory default icons, you can simply uninstall an icon pack your phone will revert to using the icons that came with the device.

So, definitely look around here on our site and give a pack or two a try. Be sure to read our stunning reviews on the Play store and elsewhere, as so many thousands of people are thrilled to interact with what feels like a much more exciting device than ever before. Plus, you can show your friends & they'll wonder how you were able to have your phone interface look so much better than before. (Please don't keep us a secret, though, okay?)

Icons are the way that you interact with your phone to open a app. An icon pack is an app that will replace your icons with styleized versions. The purpose of this is to make your phone look better and to give you some options if you're tired of looking at the same thing every day.

Many people don't realize that icons are even changeable, and so they spend their time looking just at the default ones that come with their phone. Well, there's a whole exciting world out there waiting to be discovered. Take a look around our site here at and see if you like one of our designs -- and then give it a try! 9Careful, it can become addicting to get your phone customized the way YOU want it instead of just taking it how it comes out of the box!


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