Great question. Some people are reluctant to try out an icon pack because they're worried that, if they install one and all of their icons change, what would happen if they decided to go back to how the phone was before. Well, not to worry. You can try out icon packs all you like and, if you later decide that you'd like to go back to the factory default icons, you can simply uninstall an icon pack your phone will revert to using the icons that came with the device.

So, definitely look around here on our site and give a pack or two a try. Be sure to read our stunning reviews on the Play store and elsewhere, as so many thousands of people are thrilled to interact with what feels like a much more exciting device than ever before. Plus, you can show your friends & they'll wonder how you were able to have your phone interface look so much better than before. (Please don't keep us a secret, though, okay?)

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