Yes, icon packs get updated. The frequency changes but we try to update at least 2 times per month. There is no way to save your preference in a icon pack. Most of the supported icons will auto apply when you apply a icon pack. If there is an important icon missing you can manually change that icon if your launcher is compatible with this feature. You can scroll through the icon in the pack and apply a different icon for this app.

That depends what you are trying to achieve. Many people choose to use widget apps like Zooper and KLWP. This may be something fun to use. A launcher and an icon pack are the single biggest things that can make your phone feel like a brand new device every day.

We dont really know how many launchers are compatible with our apps. Many small name lauchers use the same system that Nova uses. So our icon packs are compatible to some degree.

Yes. A launcher is always present on every device. To use icon packs you must use a launcher that supports icon packs. Different launchers support theming to various degrees. I recommend using Nova launcher becauser it fully supports icon packs along with many features that are not avaible on other laucnhers like dynamic calender.


A laucher is what you interact with when you are using your phone. Everything that you see on your devices when you are not inside a app is the launcher. Every phone comes its own stock launcher. Most of these launchers do not offer much customization and dont support icon packs. We recommend using Nova launcher because it is the most compatible and customizable.


Follow the links in the Samsung Themes section of this website. These links are only visible to compatible devices.

Yes, only select Samsung devices are compatible with Samsung themes. Galaxy s6, Galaxy s7, Note 7 (RIP) and a few other newer Samsung devices.

Go into your devices settings. Look for the themes section. Chosse the theme that you like and hit apply. If you want to download more themes. Click the “get more” button at the top of the screen and browse the theme store. Dont forget to search for Tim Austin to see all of my samsung themes.

The Samsung theme engine comes preinstalled on many Samsung phones after the Galaxy S6. If your device is compatible, you will see “themes” as a section in your devices settings. You are also able to add a shortcut to your home screen. Within that section you can apply themes or visit the store to purchase and download more.

Samsung themes only convert about 30 icons. Most people will want to use a 3rd party launcher like Nova launcher and a full icon pack.

Yes, if you uninstall a Samsung theme, your phone will revert to the stock theme.

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